Festival season well and truly in progress now, and   next outdoor fun is at Bingham On The Square on Saturday 19 August! 20:30 start!

[ www.theoutriders.co.uk/event/outriders-bingham-august-fair | www.facebook.com/events/6372560036129050 ]

After that…

  • We must be doing something right as we’ve been asked back to both of the Summer Bank Holiday festivals we played last year – so on Saturday 26 August we will be at the Arboretum Beer Festival at 16:30!

[ www.theoutriders.co.uk/event/outriders-and-beer | www.facebook.com/events/184851890652032 ]

  • … and then Redstock about 20:30!

[ www.theoutriders.co.uk/event/outriders-redstock-2 | www.facebook.com/events/255073990563116 ]

  • We’re kicking of the evening of Saturday 19 September a the fantastic Billy Bootleggers at 18:00 (NOTE THE TIME 18:00!!)

[ www.theoutriders.co.uk/event/outriders-rockbilly-bootleggers-1800 | www.facebook.com/events/23962995679950911 ]

  • We’re back at Billy Bootleggers on Friday 27 October at the more usual time of 21:00 We’re hoping to make a live recording of the event so come down and help us make some noise!

[ www.theoutriders.co.uk/event/outriders-rockbilly-bootleggers-3 | www.facebook.com/events/828888098838011 ]

  • And lastly for now, another date at Billy Bootleggers on Friday 15 December – expect some Xmas fun!

[ www.theoutriders.co.uk/event/outriders-rockbilly-bootleggers-4 | www.facebook.com/events/797241002098686 ]

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