Ready to Ride Out?
Stale, bland, processed, pop ate itself years ago. The Outriders reject McDonalds music to take you back to the future. Tim, Tass and Chester invoke the spirit of Elvis, Scotty and Bill – playing their favourite songs in their own inimitable style, regardless of original genre or date and with an adrenalin rush of energy. Reaching deep into the annals of pop, the Outriders bring three minute wonders blinking wondrously back into the daylight. Covers but not copies.
Unleash the drama
The thunderous slap of bass. The razor sharp slices of lead guitar. The captivating swagger of the vocals. It can only be the fantastic, fun-packed and fabulous Outriders. A thrilling journey for all, the Outriders irresistible take on history’s jukebox never fails to get the audience on its feet and rocking, singing along and calling for more. Sweaty, funny and astoundingly accomplished, the Outriders win new fans wherever they play. Can you resist the explosive, exciting, extraordinary Outriders?
the real !LIVE! jukebox
Yes, you the audience get to vote on what we play! Take your pick from the jukebox selection, fill out your vote and drop it in the voting box – and we will do our best to play all requests!